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WK 14 – ARTIST INTERVIEW – Troy Rounseville

My favorite exhibit this week was Body by Troy Rounseville.



This exhibit serves to show the disconnect between real life communication and that done through technology. According to Troy Rounseville, it explores whether the same quality of communication can be achieved through digital media as through real life, face to face communication. Among the multiple questions raised, this exhibit ponders whether the rapidly evolving rate of technology will permanently change communication as we know it.

The exhibit depicts instruments that we know well, such as drums and pianos, but they are covered in wires, to the point where their shapes are disrupted, depicting what Troy Rounseville projects will happen to real life conversation and communication if we let technology to disrupt the way we communicate with each other.

This exhibit really made me think, and i really look forward to seeing more work from Troy Rounseville.