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This week i got to speak with Connor Bailey, a fellow freshman and film major at Calstate Long Beach.

chillin with connor
chillin with connor

Connor Bailey is originally from San Diego, and he went here because he heard about the film program at CSULB being superb. He really likes the beach, as well as the water and ocean.

One of Connor’s favorite pass times is playing guitar and making films depicting the everyday struggles of man. He hopes to someday make a film that will change the world. His dream is to someday shoot feature films that will be seen by millions

Connor is also a big fan of basketball, and he played it for years in High School, and he was quite good. In fact, besides film making and playing guitar, basketball is one of his favorite hobbies.

Connor is a spectacular human being, and I wish him all the best in his future in the film industry.



This week I got to talk to Sam Gold, a fellow CSULB freshman. Like me, he is a Marketing major (although I am currently in the process of switching to a biology major).


Sam’s biggest dream is to be the director or marketing for Disney. Ideally he wanted to go into film, but chose business instead because it presents more career opportunities. His top choice in schools was UC Santa Barbara, which has an excellent marketing program. Sadly, he was not accepted, so he opted for his second choice, CSULB.

Sam is a native of Northridge, where he was born and raised, and he currently dorms in hillside. An avid swimmer like myself, Sam swam on his high school varsity team for two whole years, and still enjoys doing the sport whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sam loves animals and volunteers at shelters. His favorite color is blue, because it reminds him of water and his passion for swimming. He was a lifeguard over the summer, but wants to give that up and instead do internships next summer.

When asked, Sam said that if he were to study any other field, it would be aerospace engineering.

I am glad i had the opportunity to speak with Sam, as we share many interests, and i would like to get to know him better for the remainder of this semester, and after the semester is over.


This week I got to talk to the wonderful Alex Lo, a sophomore at CSULB that enjoys skating and working out.


Alex is a second year Kinesiology major, and when he graduates he hopes to become a physical therapist and help those who have injured themselves while doing sports. Alex himself is quite the sports buff, having played a variety of sports in high school, which include but are not limited to popular sports such as football and volleyball.

Alex currently lives in Rosemead, and commutes to school on his new car. He likes the color red, saying it is the most passionate color, and that describes him, because he too is passionate. In his downtime, Alex likes to skate and workout, and he confessed to me that while he does not have a favorite food, he would never say no to some In n out. He also has a dog, whom he loves very much, and he says is the best friend he could ever ask for. He is also a big art aficionado, with his favorite artist being Rembrandt.

I would very much like to get to know Alex some more as well, as we are both fitness enthusiasts.


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Kevin Cordova, a fellow freshman at CSULB who also happened to have attended the same high school as me, Lakewood High School.


Kevin is a talented writer, and is actually in the process of writing his first book, titled “Legacy”. Although he enjoys Professor Zucman’s class, he has confided in me that he is not artistically inclined. He also is a huge enthusiast when it comes to cycling, and never misses an opportunity to get out there on his bike. He enjoys going on bicycling trips with his friends, and sometimes these trips stretch for as long as 20 miles.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys playing videogames with his friends. He is also the family chef of his household; he cooks all the meals. In the time he can spare in his busy schedule, he can be found writing, whether working on his book or just writing short stories or drabbles.

Kevin and I happen to share the same favorite movie: Guardians of the Galaxy. Overall, I enjoyed talking to Kevin during our interview, and I look forward to getting to know him throughout the remainder of this semester.


This week I had the pleasure of talking to the lovely April Gliane, who is a very kind, interesting, vibrant person.


April is an undeclared major, though she intends to go into nursing in the future, becuase she enjoys helping people. Some may even say that it’s her passion.

Her hobbies include reading books, particularly ones written by Nicholas Sparks. She’s lived in Long Beach her entire life, but her dream location to live is Hawaii.

She is full filipinio, and, standing at 5 feet 3 inches, is the average height for one too. She has three sisters and no brothers. April is afraid of dogs. She also used to play basketball, dance, and also plays the piano. However, now, she has no more hobbies, because her entire life is taken over by school and her job at Zumiez in the lakewood mall.

I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know April, and I hope i’ll have the opportunity later on to get to know her even better.

WK 10 – ARTIST INTERVIEW – Maggie Freed

The exhibit that stuck out to me most this week was the exhibit titled “Trepidation”. It was an exhibit that used painting of space in an abstract way to depict the more nuanced feelings we have when we are experiencing trepidation. This work in particular, Untitled by Maggie Freed, was a favorite piece of mine.


The bold fuchsia colors stand out against the blacker background, and the rough, jagged angles, perfectly capture the emotional turmoil we feel when we feel fear.

This entire exhibit really captured my attention because I am a big fan of paintings that visually capture something that would seem impossible to capture, such as, in this case, feelings. As an artist myself, I am constantly striving to achieve something similar to this, and I deeply admire Maggie Freed for being able to so masterfully achieve this.


This week I had the pleasure of talking to my fellow classmate Minerva Madrigal, a kind, intelligent sophomore from CSULB.

Minerva being herself
Minerva being herself

About Minerva

Minerva is currently a sociology major, with her ultimate life goal being becoming a sociologist. She loves people, and studying them and learning more about the secrets of society as a whole and individuals within the society. She also is highly interested in spiritual things, including music, art, meditation, and creating her own artistic projects. She is very unique and creative, as well as talented and interesting.

Some of Minerva’s favorite things include the movie Edward Scissor Hands, because she likes the look overall, as well as the creative idea behind the concept of the movie. Her favorite food is hamburgers, and her favorite artist is Andy Warhol. She is the proud owner of an adorable dog named “Stitch”. Minerva’s favorite holiday is, conveniently, Halloween, so she is currently very excited about that.

Overall, I really enjoyed meeting and speaking with Minerva, and hope I will be able to get to know her better throughout the semester.