Wk2 – Artist Interview – Bridget Batch

Bridget Batch’s artwork can be described as forward-thinking, as it flirts with the things we can only see in our subconscious minds. In her pieces, she makes commentaries on the current and even future states of humanity, often using satire as an aid to make the viewer both laugh and think. Even though she uses seemingly simple materials, Batch’s work still makes a very clear, strong point.

“When We Are Robots We Will Still Gaze At The Stars”

This particular piece of Batch’s struck me because of its clear message: no matter what state humanity is in, whether biological or silicone-based, we will always be fascinated by nature, even if we are viewing it through something that is innately unnatural. The materials used were a combination of sticks and branches, which represent the natural world, and tinfoil and a computer screen, representing the futuristic, robotic society we are becoming. When put together, these elements present the viewer with a strange combination of futurism and nature, one that may even be confusing to some. The foil and the branches form a tent, and within the tent is located a computer monitor that is playing a desert scene throughout the day and nighttime, implying that the being that lives within the tent is viewing the cycle of nature through a computer monitor, instead of actually leaving his or her tent and seeing the cycle for his or herself.

Future, Art
Bridget Batch’s piece “When We Are Robots We Will Still Gaze At The Stars”


This week’s class activity was to post four pictures of our daily lives to instagram, under the hashtag #art110f14. After examining all of the photos in that hashtag, I have come to the conclusion that we are not all just a bunch of random people who happen to be taking the same class, but are, in fact, one collective being with many different cogs. 

Similarities Between Us

As I scrolled through the #art110f14 tag, I couldn’t help but notice some patterns. Many of my peers, as it seems, went to Starbucks, or some other coffee place, for a refreshing iced beverage

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 11.28.45 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 11.29.03 AM

iced coffee
Instagram Pictures of Iced Beverages

Scrolling further, I also encountered a few pictures of my classmates’ pets, specifically, their cats:

Cats on Instagram
Instagram Cat Pictures

Finally, I encountered yet another instagram post that happened to be similar to one of my own: it appears that someone besides myself was also busy with a pencil and a paper, doodling to their heart’s content.doodle

jon snow
My own doodle of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

Judging from my observations of the instagram photos of my fellow classmates, I have come to the conclusion that we are not so dissimilar after all, but we all are part of a larger entity. We all have similar thoughts, and our own actions help to keep the world around us functioning in the same way it always has. We all love our pets enough to want to share them with our friends and followers, and we all get a craving for a cool beverage on a hot day. All of us share similar desires and thoughts, at least in this point in time.


• Wk1 – Artist Interview – Andrea Marie Breiling

Andrea Marie Breiling creates art through the joining together of contrasting media and colors, thus creating the illusion of chaos. From far away, her pieces look like a confusing jumble of colors and shapes, but when one gets closer one can see various scars on the surface of the painting, which are the result of blades and combs being dragged over the surface, creating a jagged texture. Breiling attempted to use as many media, no matter how contrasting or different they may have been, to illustrate chaos on her canvas.


Andrea Marie Breiling’s painting entitled “Big” caught my attention because of its foreboding feeling. Breiling’s use of color on this particular piece gives the viewer a sense of anxiety. 



big by Andrea Marie Breiling

The black, jagged frame of the picture makes the viewer feel boxed in, and the quick, contrasting strokes of spray paint and stamped paint give the overall work a sense of urgency. The size itself of the piece contributes to the feelings it generates; the floor-to-ceiling painting makes it hard for the viewer to miss it, or to pay attention to anything else except for it, much in the same way that anxiety makes it difficult to pay attention to anything else.

Overall, this piece is one of my favorites in the gallery, and I applaud Andrea Marie Breiling’s use of mixed media and canvas size to evoke the feelings that she did from me

her website is http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Breiling_2014.html, and on there you can see more of her incredible work.



Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Minyon Spencer

Minyon Spencer is a kind and friendly young woman that hails from Tracy, California, which is five hours north of CSULB. Tracy is a country town, with lots of cows and located far away from the beach. The town itself is quaint and peaceful, but Minyon is excited to be attending CSULB to obtain her degree in finance (although she has been considering switching her major to nutrition).

two girls talking at csulb

About Minyon

Minyon enjoys being active; she runs and was a member of her high school’s cheer team. She has no mammalian pets; she does, however, own multiple fish, some of which have no problem eating their fellow tank mates once they have expired. Her favorite artist is Andy Warhol, but she enjoys various artistic styles and mediums. Similarly, she has no favorite musical style, as long as it is not metal or rock, because it is “basically just screaming”. Her favorite musical artists are Tony Bennett, a jazz musician, and Bruno Mars. 

Minyon is a very vibrant person, and therefore a fan of bright colors, especially gold. Throughout highschool, she excelled in all her academic courses, but, as she is an analytic, logical person, mathematics was one of her best. She looks forward to her future at CSULB, and her life beyond.