This week I got to talk to Sam Gold, a fellow CSULB freshman. Like me, he is a Marketing major (although I am currently in the process of switching to a biology major).


Sam’s biggest dream is to be the director or marketing for Disney. Ideally he wanted to go into film, but chose business instead because it presents more career opportunities. His top choice in schools was UC Santa Barbara, which has an excellent marketing program. Sadly, he was not accepted, so he opted for his second choice, CSULB.

Sam is a native of Northridge, where he was born and raised, and he currently dorms in hillside. An avid swimmer like myself, Sam swam on his high school varsity team for two whole years, and still enjoys doing the sport whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sam loves animals and volunteers at shelters. His favorite color is blue, because it reminds him of water and his passion for swimming. He was a lifeguard over the summer, but wants to give that up and instead do internships next summer.

When asked, Sam said that if he were to study any other field, it would be aerospace engineering.

I am glad i had the opportunity to speak with Sam, as we share many interests, and i would like to get to know him better for the remainder of this semester, and after the semester is over.


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