This week I got to talk to the wonderful Alex Lo, a sophomore at CSULB that enjoys skating and working out.


Alex is a second year Kinesiology major, and when he graduates he hopes to become a physical therapist and help those who have injured themselves while doing sports. Alex himself is quite the sports buff, having played a variety of sports in high school, which include but are not limited to popular sports such as football and volleyball.

Alex currently lives in Rosemead, and commutes to school on his new car. He likes the color red, saying it is the most passionate color, and that describes him, because he too is passionate. In his downtime, Alex likes to skate and workout, and he confessed to me that while he does not have a favorite food, he would never say no to some In n out. He also has a dog, whom he loves very much, and he says is the best friend he could ever ask for. He is also a big art aficionado, with his favorite artist being Rembrandt.

I would very much like to get to know Alex some more as well, as we are both fitness enthusiasts.


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