This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Kevin Cordova, a fellow freshman at CSULB who also happened to have attended the same high school as me, Lakewood High School.


Kevin is a talented writer, and is actually in the process of writing his first book, titled “Legacy”. Although he enjoys Professor Zucman’s class, he has confided in me that he is not artistically inclined. He also is a huge enthusiast when it comes to cycling, and never misses an opportunity to get out there on his bike. He enjoys going on bicycling trips with his friends, and sometimes these trips stretch for as long as 20 miles.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys playing videogames with his friends. He is also the family chef of his household; he cooks all the meals. In the time he can spare in his busy schedule, he can be found writing, whether working on his book or just writing short stories or drabbles.

Kevin and I happen to share the same favorite movie: Guardians of the Galaxy. Overall, I enjoyed talking to Kevin during our interview, and I look forward to getting to know him throughout the remainder of this semester.


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