WK 11 – ARTIST INTERVIEW – Romina Del Castillo

The exhibit that really stuck out to me this week was Romina Del Castillo’s “Shifting Focus” series.


These pieces really resonated with me because as an artist myself, I appreciate a masterfully drawn, anatomically correct human. Romina Del Castillo did a beautiful job depicting these figures of women, particularly with as difficult medium to master as charcoal and chalk. The limited use of color, as well as the way it has been tied in to the piece as a whole, is exquisite. In having limited herself to just these media, Romina Del Castillo allowed herself to explore them more in depth.

The pieces as a whole serves to represent the experience of being a woman, according to the artist. In creating it, she drew upon her own experiences, and those of others.

Overall, I believe this may be one of my favorite exhibits that I have seen, and I would love to see more of Del Castillo’s work.


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