WK 10 – ARTIST INTERVIEW – Maggie Freed

The exhibit that stuck out to me most this week was the exhibit titled “Trepidation”. It was an exhibit that used painting of space in an abstract way to depict the more nuanced feelings we have when we are experiencing trepidation. This work in particular, Untitled by Maggie Freed, was a favorite piece of mine.


The bold fuchsia colors stand out against the blacker background, and the rough, jagged angles, perfectly capture the emotional turmoil we feel when we feel fear.

This entire exhibit really captured my attention because I am a big fan of paintings that visually capture something that would seem impossible to capture, such as, in this case, feelings. As an artist myself, I am constantly striving to achieve something similar to this, and I deeply admire Maggie Freed for being able to so masterfully achieve this.


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