This week I had the pleasure of talking to my fellow classmate Minerva Madrigal, a kind, intelligent sophomore from CSULB.

Minerva being herself
Minerva being herself

About Minerva

Minerva is currently a sociology major, with her ultimate life goal being becoming a sociologist. She loves people, and studying them and learning more about the secrets of society as a whole and individuals within the society. She also is highly interested in spiritual things, including music, art, meditation, and creating her own artistic projects. She is very unique and creative, as well as talented and interesting.

Some of Minerva’s favorite things include the movie Edward Scissor Hands, because she likes the look overall, as well as the creative idea behind the concept of the movie. Her favorite food is hamburgers, and her favorite artist is Andy Warhol. She is the proud owner of an adorable dog named “Stitch”. Minerva’s favorite holiday is, conveniently, Halloween, so she is currently very excited about that.

Overall, I really enjoyed meeting and speaking with Minerva, and hope I will be able to get to know her better throughout the semester.


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