WK 9 – ARTIST INTERVIEW – Noura Kaddora


My favorite art piece this week was “River and Tree of Life” by Noura Kaddora. This piece really stuck with me because of the masterfully created illusion of a bright light by the artist. Painted in 2011 with acrylic paint on a canvas, this painting, as part of a series called “Kingdom at Hand”, represents the idea that God and Heaven are everywhere around us, and we do not have to wait until we die to actually experience it.

Noura Kaddora really exhibits her talent through the placement of the cross, a religious symbol, in a place that is natural and accessible to all, in this case a stream running through a forest. This shows that religion, specifically, Christianity, is present in everyday things, and we have but to open our eyes to see it.

This painting was the one I chose to write about because I myself come from a religious upbringing, so I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about Christianity. Although I would not identify myself as a Christian now, I do see how someone that has a Christian worldview would find this painting beautiful and a marvelous tie in with nature and Christianity. Thank you, Noura, for sharing this wonderful piece with us.


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