Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Marguerite Freed and Yee Li

The exhibit that struck me most this week was Introspection, a series of oil paintings by Maggie Freed and Yee Li.

Introspection is a series that focuses on what’s going inside the mind, namely, anxiety and mental problems like it. Freed and Li use rough, jagged shapes and jarring colors, as well as lines that contrast each other, to depict a feeling of anxiety and the need to get away from something. The lines look as if they were quickly done, much in the same way our minds race when we’re under stress, and the colors serve to accentuate the rapid shapes of the lines.

Freed and Li's exhibit, Introspection
Freed and Li’s exhibit, Introspection

This piece really struck me because I am a 2D artist myself, and I therefore understand the skill and effort it takes to create something on a canvas, more so than the skill it takes to create sculptures. What also struck me was that, despite being abstract, these paintings did a very good job of describing what anxiety feels like, and I really admire the artist’s talent and effort on that front.


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