Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Emily Gross

This week’s artist that stuck out particularly to me was Emily Gross’s exhibit, Lost and Found. tumblr_ncvue2c2iV1rghwodo4_1280

Gross’s work really stuck out to me because it was the first exhibit I’d seen that consisted of actual painted pictures. In the exhibit, Gross paints scenery on a canvas, normally scenery that she remembers from trips with her family that she embarked upon during her childhood. The canvases are of varying sizes, and are hung artistically on the walls of the galleries.

Being a fine artist myself, I am able to appreciate her skill and use of color and quick brushstrokes to depict sketches of nature. I say “sketches” because they are not, in fact, detailed, but more in the style of impressionism, which focuses on color and movement that comes from painting outside in an ever changing landscape.

an example of Babbette's work
an example of Gross’s work

This tree, for example. It is not done “realistically”, persay, but it is possible for the viewer to distinguish the movement of wind in the branches. The painting also has an element of depth, which is difficult for some artists to capture.

Overall, this was my favorite exhibit this week, and i think Gross is a very talented artist.


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