Wk 6 – Activity – Drawing

This week’s activity was to get the app French Girls, which allows you to anonymously draw selfies uploaded by people, and in turn have your own selfie be drawn.

While at first I was confused as to how this app worked, I got the hang of it very quickly. unnamed-2

This was the first picture I drew using the app. I found both the colors and materials to be quite archaic, though, so my pictures turned out pretty clumsy.


This was the second picture I drew. While also clumsy, it was slightly better than the first one. The shading really helped, I thought, though I would have appreciated having access to a few more colors. I hope these girls enjoy the pictures I have drawn.


Finally, I uploaded my own selfie into the app, but sadly no one drew me. Perhaps I will continue trying and see if anyone bites.

Overall, being an artist myself, I enjoyed this week’s activity as it let me get back to the roots of art, line drawing.


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