Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Sarra Beauzil

This week I got to speak with the lovely Sarra Beauzil, a nursing-turned-child development major hailing from Redondo, South Bay, which is 20 minutes away from CSULB. Sarra runs a fashion blog, fashion being one of her passions. She is currently employed at the cheesecake factory, which she enjoys. Overall, Sarra is a friendly, kind individual with whom I enjoyed talking immensely.

two girls at csulb
Sarra and me getting to know one another

Sarra’s Taste in Art

As Sarra and I walked around the galleries observing the various artwork the talented artists graciously chose to share with us, one particular piece caught her eye. Broken Container by Mike Lewis was a unique piece which featured one wall covered in ambiguous photographs of the woods, some with bits cut out. The wall opposite that had a clothesline with gnarly, beat up clothing.

Sarra liked this particular piece because she said it made her feel something, and it made her really think about things. I agree, this particular piece of art really caught my eye as well, due to its unique and mysterious nature.



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