Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Csulb Photography

This week the piece that spoke to me most was one by the CSULB photography club. Sadly, it did not have a plaque next to it so I do not know whom it was by or what it was titled.


It was a photograph of the inside an old, rickety, dank bathroom featuring a sink and peeling paint on the wall, with a window leading to the sea. The way the picture was photoshopped, it appeared as though the bathroom was morphing into the cliff of an ocean.

What struck me most about this piece, besides the incredibly well-done editing by the artist, was the symbolism and meaning behind it. To me, the picture depicted the inevitability of everything man made returning to nature. The decaying of the bathroom was actually the metamorphosis of something manmade and shabby returning to something beautiful. After humans are gone and there is no one left to maintain human construction, nature will take back what is hers.

I would like to congratulate and thank the artist for creating such a moving piece.


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