Wk4 – Activity– Plaster Casting

This week’s activity, making plaster casts of our hands or feet, was quite an enjoyable experience for me. My friend, who was kind enough to help me out, also thought so.

We started off by digging a hole deep enough to encompass my entire foot, and filling the hole around my foot with sand to make a mold.


After the mold was made, I gently removed my foot and began to mix the plaster; two parts plaster and one part water. At first I was unsure as to whether or not the salinity of the water would affect the solution at all, but, as my friend so wisely pointed out, we didn’t really have that many options unless we wanted to drag ourselves all the way to where the showers were on the other side of the beach.

When we put together the two ingredients, we realized we had forgotten to bring any sort of stick to mix with, so I volunteered my own hands.


When the mixture was ready, we poured, and began to wait.

watching plaster dry
watching plaster dry

As we waited, we realized the tide was coming in, so to kill time as well as protect the project we decided to build a moat to block the incoming waves.


Finally, the 30 minutes were up and we dug out the mold of my foot.


All in all, I had a great time, though I admit i have no idea what I’m going to do with the foot. Maybe make two more and make a table?


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