Wk 4 – Classmate Conversation – Austin Naud

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with a fellow classmate of mine, Austin Naud. Austin is a born and raised Long Beach resident, and a sophomore at lovely CSULB. Though Austin is currently undecided, he is thinking of going into the business major.

About Austin

Austin’s favorite art  style is surrealism, because he likes the dreamy air that it conveys. He is an avid soccer fan, and is seeking to join the CSULB soccer club. Being a quarter french himself, he visits his relatives in France once every three years, which he really enjoys and looks forward to. Austin also speaks some spanish.

His main mode of transportation around campus is his trusty skateboard, which he keeps on his person during class. He doesn’t mind carrying it around with him, either. His music tastes are pretty broad, including every genre except country, which he doesn’t care for.

At the moment, Austin lives in an apartment near campus with two roommates and zero pets. His favorite things include pizza, Harry Potter, cold weather, and the color blue.

Austin is interesting, polite, and an all around great guy, and I wish him the best in this journey of life.

austin naud at the beach
austin naud at the beach

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