Wk3 – Artist Interview – Christopher Vavrek

This week I saw the art exhibit of artist Christopher Vavrek. It was an interesting piece of work; Vavrek used various old, discarded computer monitors from the 90’s and pushed them all together at various points inside the gallery.

“server and protect the virus”

“server and protect the virus” is the name of Christopher Vavrek’s exhibit, which features unwanted, outdated technology that has been thrown out by its old users. The artist said that the point of this exhibit was to showcase how he himself felt unwanted and discarded, and, to make others see how he feels, he decided to make his work into something everyone can relate to: outdated technology.

As the viewer walks into the room, they notice that the lights are off, and the only sources of light are from the displays themselves; some monitors are flickering with error messages, some overheads are glowing, projecting pictures onto the wall, and still other old television sets are playing scenes from the classic movie “Waterworld”. Walking further into the room, the viewer sees the structured chaos of wires that, during the 90’s and early 2000’s, was the norm for anyone that had a computer in their home.

christopher vavrek
  Vavrek’s mess of monitors and wires

Overall, after leaving the exhibit, the viewer is left with a feeling of having just experienced an otherworldly flashback to a decade earlier, when these endless wires and monitors were part of their own lives, and they felt a sort of claustrophobic irritation whenever they had to turn on an appliance.


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