Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Charlie Teloma

This week, I had the pleasure of talking to my fellow classmate, Charlie Teloma. Charlie is a friendly, active young man of German and Samoan descent that, despite having been born in Germany, spent all of his life, save his first year, living in Orange County. However, he does enjoy travel, and visits his family in Germany every few years. Charlie is excited to be an engineering major at CSULB, although he confided that he at times loathes the daily thirty minute commute. 

About Charlie

Charlie enjoys a variety of sports, and even swam for two of his four years in high school. His favorite sport, however, is soccer. He has one dog, a doberman mini pinscher named La Vie (“the life” in french), whom he loves. His favorite artist is Norman Rockwell, who is famous for depicting scenes of peaceful familial lives in mid 1900’s suburban America. Charlie’s favorite color is blue, and, although he enjoys many different genres of music, his favorites are rock and roll and country. His favorite subject in school was physics, because, in his own words, “everything is physics”. He then proceeded to pick up a pencil and drop it, thus demonstrating how the gravitational pull of the earth on the pencil is an example of how physics works in our everyday lives. 

Charlie is also highly interested in military stories and history, with Lone Survivor, a memoir by Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, being among his favorite books. He even expressed an interest in one day joining the Navy himself.

Two students at csulb
Chillin with Charlie

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