Wk2 – Artist Interview – Bridget Batch

Bridget Batch’s artwork can be described as forward-thinking, as it flirts with the things we can only see in our subconscious minds. In her pieces, she makes commentaries on the current and even future states of humanity, often using satire as an aid to make the viewer both laugh and think. Even though she uses seemingly simple materials, Batch’s work still makes a very clear, strong point.

“When We Are Robots We Will Still Gaze At The Stars”

This particular piece of Batch’s struck me because of its clear message: no matter what state humanity is in, whether biological or silicone-based, we will always be fascinated by nature, even if we are viewing it through something that is innately unnatural. The materials used were a combination of sticks and branches, which represent the natural world, and tinfoil and a computer screen, representing the futuristic, robotic society we are becoming. When put together, these elements present the viewer with a strange combination of futurism and nature, one that may even be confusing to some. The foil and the branches form a tent, and within the tent is located a computer monitor that is playing a desert scene throughout the day and nighttime, implying that the being that lives within the tent is viewing the cycle of nature through a computer monitor, instead of actually leaving his or her tent and seeing the cycle for his or herself.

Future, Art
Bridget Batch’s piece “When We Are Robots We Will Still Gaze At The Stars”

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