Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Minyon Spencer

Minyon Spencer is a kind and friendly young woman that hails from Tracy, California, which is five hours north of CSULB. Tracy is a country town, with lots of cows and located far away from the beach. The town itself is quaint and peaceful, but Minyon is excited to be attending CSULB to obtain her degree in finance (although she has been considering switching her major to nutrition).

two girls talking at csulb

About Minyon

Minyon enjoys being active; she runs and was a member of her high school’s cheer team. She has no mammalian pets; she does, however, own multiple fish, some of which have no problem eating their fellow tank mates once they have expired. Her favorite artist is Andy Warhol, but she enjoys various artistic styles and mediums. Similarly, she has no favorite musical style, as long as it is not metal or rock, because it is “basically just screaming”. Her favorite musical artists are Tony Bennett, a jazz musician, and Bruno Mars. 

Minyon is a very vibrant person, and therefore a fan of bright colors, especially gold. Throughout highschool, she excelled in all her academic courses, but, as she is an analytic, logical person, mathematics was one of her best. She looks forward to her future at CSULB, and her life beyond.



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