WK 14 – ARTIST INTERVIEW – Troy Rounseville

My favorite exhibit this week was Body by Troy Rounseville.



This exhibit serves to show the disconnect between real life communication and that done through technology. According to Troy Rounseville, it explores whether the same quality of communication can be achieved through digital media as through real life, face to face communication. Among the multiple questions raised, this exhibit ponders whether the rapidly evolving rate of technology will permanently change communication as we know it.

The exhibit depicts instruments that we know well, such as drums and pianos, but they are covered in wires, to the point where their shapes are disrupted, depicting what Troy Rounseville projects will happen to real life conversation and communication if we let technology to disrupt the way we communicate with each other.

This exhibit really made me think, and i really look forward to seeing more work from Troy Rounseville.



This week i got to speak with Connor Bailey, a fellow freshman and film major at Calstate Long Beach.

chillin with connor
chillin with connor

Connor Bailey is originally from San Diego, and he went here because he heard about the film program at CSULB being superb. He really likes the beach, as well as the water and ocean.

One of Connor’s favorite pass times is playing guitar and making films depicting the everyday struggles of man. He hopes to someday make a film that will change the world. His dream is to someday shoot feature films that will be seen by millions

Connor is also a big fan of basketball, and he played it for years in High School, and he was quite good. In fact, besides film making and playing guitar, basketball is one of his favorite hobbies.

Connor is a spectacular human being, and I wish him all the best in his future in the film industry.


My favorite exhibit this week was “Cyclical Nature” by Jeff Dulla.


This piece, painted in oil onto a canvas, really stuck out to me because of the use of contrasting colors and shapes to depict a landscape. The picture almost reminds me of something Tim Burton would imagine, as it gives the viewer a sense of foreboding, with its dark colors and red moon. I love pictures like this, that are dark and dreamy, because i am a very big fan of surrealism. My own favorite surrealist is Salvador Dali, and this picture looks almost as if it is a mashup of his work and that of Tim Burton.

Overall this was my favorite piece in the gallery, and i would love to see more work by Jeff Dulla.


This week I got to talk to Sam Gold, a fellow CSULB freshman. Like me, he is a Marketing major (although I am currently in the process of switching to a biology major).


Sam’s biggest dream is to be the director or marketing for Disney. Ideally he wanted to go into film, but chose business instead because it presents more career opportunities. His top choice in schools was UC Santa Barbara, which has an excellent marketing program. Sadly, he was not accepted, so he opted for his second choice, CSULB.

Sam is a native of Northridge, where he was born and raised, and he currently dorms in hillside. An avid swimmer like myself, Sam swam on his high school varsity team for two whole years, and still enjoys doing the sport whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sam loves animals and volunteers at shelters. His favorite color is blue, because it reminds him of water and his passion for swimming. He was a lifeguard over the summer, but wants to give that up and instead do internships next summer.

When asked, Sam said that if he were to study any other field, it would be aerospace engineering.

I am glad i had the opportunity to speak with Sam, as we share many interests, and i would like to get to know him better for the remainder of this semester, and after the semester is over.

Week 12 – Activity Feedback

My three favorite activities this semester were plaster casting, drawing, and painting. I enjoyed these activities because i love going to the beach, which is what we did for plaster casting. i also love to draw, which is what we did with the french girls app. Also, i enjoyed painting because i had never used spray paint before, so it was a new experience for me as an artist.

My three least favorite activities this semester were the kickstarter, eportfolio, and relational aesthetics. Honestly, I didn’t really understand the point of these as an artist, so i struggled with figuring out exactly what to do with them.

The class overall is very fun and very easy, and i have no criticisms toward it. In fact, i have been recommending it to my friends, and encouraging them to take it next semester. Thank you, Professor, for a fun class!

If i were to have anything to say to make the class better, I would say make the art portion more classical….have someone draw someone else on a piece of paper, so people get a taste of what it’s like to be an artist.

WK 12 – ARTIST INTERVIEW – Michelle Thompkins

This week, the exhibiton that really spoke to me was that of Michelle Thompkins. It depicts the world, as seen through the eyes of a little girl observing it through her own young, fresh, creative eyes. In her mind, she creates often cartoonish, exaggerated personalities for the people she meets on the street, often times based on their expression or their overall demeanor, or even the way they are dressed. I can relate to this because I too used to do this, and I can still remember sitting on a park bench for hours, people watching, and creating extensive backstories for everyone I saw.

I am really happy that Michelle Thompkins put these memories I have on a canvas, accurately depicting my own thought processes in a way that others can also understand and relate to.